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Empowering Software Teams with Essence

Team Work

The software development industry is a revolving door of information and technology. New and innovative solutions are being executed every day. As the Industrial Internet continues to flourish, there must be solutions to the growing need for empowerment within software teams.

The solution may be as simple as creating a common ground that facilitates both vocabulary for practice definition and a framework for the assembly and analysis of methods.

This not only promotes collaboration and think tank methodologies, it also gives organizations the control to a library of practices covering the entire sphere of software development. These libraries promote collaboration, easy and fluid adoption, and “plug and play” to create progressive methods of working that organizations need to succeed.

Essence As An Organizational Staple

The introduction of Essence revolutionizes the way that teams work. By reaching a common ground in the form of the Essence Kernel, teams can collaborate and break down barriers that currently get in the way of agile and lean software development on an organizational scale.

Understanding Essence Kernel

But, with all this talk of Essence, what does it actually do? Essence can be divided into three perspectives that make up its framework. The framework reflects the minimal set of things that are universal to software development efforts that can be classified as follows:

  1. The waypoints in the progress of a healthy software engineering endeavor.
  2. The activities necessary to advance the progress of an endeavor.
  3. The competencies necessary to carry out such activities.

Most important in the function of the Essence Kernel is the common means of interpreting the progress of an endeavor. Essence takes it a step further by defining these measurements of progress, known as alphas. The standard alphas that are defined as part of the core of Essence (but can be expanded) are:

  • Opportunity
  • Stakeholders
  • Requirements
  • Software System
  • Work
  • Team
  • Way of Working

As organizations continue to evolve, they may find that the Essence Kernel is the solution to some of their internal/external issues. We live in a time where the Industrial Internet is altering the way the world and organizations function. As a result, we must ensure that software doesn’t fall behind the curve. We have started to think smarter and leaner, isn’t it time that our methodologies change to reflect that?

Let’s stop producing inflexible, monolithic methods with a half-life of fewer than five years. Let’s look forward to producing agile, lean and proficient methods that can increase production and foster innovative thinking and solutions in software development.

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