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Essence | An Agile Standard

On Common Ground

Essence – a standard that defines the smallest set of concepts that are common to all software projects – helps embed agile professional practices and governance across an organization for sustainable, scalable and responsive solution delivery.

The Essence standard helps teams navigate through many of the complex challenges common in software development delivery -from helping teams identify and engage with the right stakeholders at the right time in the right way, to making health and progress visible to all in a language that everyone can understand. It helps team move from software as a craft to engineering and puts them on a path of continuous learning.

  • Measure health and progress visually in a method-agnostic way that everyone can understand.
  • Easily determine where you and your team(s) are now and what’s next.
  • Small-scale endeavors can be smoothly scaled to larger-scale endeavors
  • Large-scale approaches can be adapted in controlled and low-risk ways

Essence at Red Hat

In this talk, Ed Seymour from Red Hat looks at how Essence helps Red Hat manage an assortment of approaches when working with varied and disparate clients; how it provides a consistent view across all projects irrespective of the approach taken. Furthermore, he looks at how Essence is helping Red Hat patch the holes in existing approaches, and providing a framework for developing new practices to support evolving techniques, and emerging technologies.

Download the Presentation with Reading Notes

What our Clients are Saying about Essence

Essence at Google

“Playing progress poker, reviewing health indicators and defining checkpoints triggered some good conversations in the team and helped crystallize some risks that he thought the team wasn’t aware of and vice-versa.” In order to explore Essence in a practical setting, a 2-day workshop was hosted at Google Switzerland on October 22, 2014.

Martin Landers
Engineering Manager, YouTube

Essence at Munich Re

Essence provided great benefit for the discussion and definition of the way of working for the application development department of Munich Re: It provides a solid foundation, clear structures and a precise language, both for discussion and definitions of a way of working on a high level and on a detailed level.

Burkhard Perkens-Golomb
IT Architect, Munich Re

Essence at Fujitsu

We currently live in an disruptive age where the standard industry processes and thinking are constantly being challenged. This disruption is changing the ways Fujitsu customers are looking to engage and the manner that Fujitsu has to respond to deliver end-to-end solutions. It is therefore becoming more vital than ever that a common and firm foundation can be used to act as the anchor point to deliver successfully. SEMAT is this anchor point.

Ste Nadin
Chief Architect, Business and Application Services, Fujitsu