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Essence for Agility launch event

2021 brings new hope and a renewed effort to enrich the agile industry. With that, we’re thrilled to announce Essence for Agility, a new community aimed to explore Essence - a standard that enables us to break out of the confines of frameworks and embrace our agile and software practices to create bespoke ways of working that just works, for each of our unique contexts.

For our inauguration, we’ll host Dr Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, and Dr Ivar Jacobson, co-creator of Essence and a leader of the community behind Essence; both of these individuals have independently had a massive impact on the software industry and, in this rare opportunity, we will hear about where the idea of Essence and Scrum came from, what problems they are solving, and what role they are playing in the world of Agile today.