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WEBCAST: Introducing a Framework for Agile Success: Becoming a Learning Organization

Part 1 in our 3 Part Agile Quick Talks Webinar Series

Part 1 in our 3 Part Agile Quick Talks Webinar Series

A successful, sustainable agile transformation is one that creates a self-sustaining, continuously learning organization focused on delivering improved business results. Setting up empowered communities of practice and encouraging knowledge-sharing via practice/knowledge hubs are critical elements to success.

Ian explores how the IJI Sustainable Change Framework has helped many companies on their journey to true agility. He shares with attendees real experiences illustrating:

  • How real teams overcame many of the typical barriers to uptake

  • How to transition from a command and control environment to a true learning organization

  • How communities of practice help drive and sustain change

  • How to do coaching in a disciplined and sustainable way

  • Why the IJI Sustainable Change Framework is different and what it is