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Presentation @ Essence in Practice: A Revolution in Software Engineering

Essence is a super-light foundation of software engineering including elements we always have, always produce and always do. Its application allows team to work in a super agile way and it turns software development to become more of an engineering discipline than just a craft. On top of Essence organizations are now developing practices and at the OMG Technical Meeting Special Event on June 18, 2015 in Berlin, Germany, speakers from companies such as MunichRe, Fujitsu, RedHat and Ivar Jacobson International shared their experiences in using Essence.

Dr. Jacobson's Keynote Address at Internet+

Dr. Ivar Jacobson delivered a keynote presentation at the TAI Internet+ Conference in Beijing, China on July 28, 2015. *This keynote address is in English with Dr. Jacobson pausing for Chinese translation.